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Silkmark Tussar Lustrous Madhubani Handpainted Beige Saree

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Silkmark Tussar Lustrous Madhubani Handpainted Beige Saree


Step into elegance with our Silkmark Tussar Madhubani Handpainted Saree. Featuring handpainted Madhubani designs on Tussar silk fabric, each saree offers a unique and personalized touch, perfect for making a fashion statement at any event.

Work: Madhubani Hand Painting
Measurements: Length - 6.3-6.4 meter
*Blouse: Pallu Color
Blouse Piece: Yes
Fabric: Silkmark Certified Tussar Silk
Package Contains: 1 Saree with Blouse (Atatched)
Wash Care: Dry Clean Only. Keep is separate bags in a dry place. Change foldings and expose to unmoist aire regularly. Dry in Shades.
Color hues may slightly vary from that which appears in the image due to different screens and displays
Minor irregularities is the uniqueness of handcrafted products and makes each piece exquisite


Madhubani hand painting, also known as Mithila painting, is a traditional art form originating from the Mithila region of Bihar, India. It involves intricate and colorful designs painted by hand using natural pigments and brushes made from twigs or fingers. Madhubani paintings often depict scenes from Hindu mythology, nature, and everyday life, with motifs such as birds, animals, and geometric patterns. This art form is characterized by its bold lines, vibrant colors, and intricate detailing, making it a cherished cultural heritage and a popular form of decoration on walls, canvases, and various handicraft items.

Silk Mark Pure Tussar Silk refers to Tussar silk products that have been certified by the Silk Mark Organization of India. Tussar silk, also known as Kosa silk, is produced from the cocoons of wild silkworms and is prized for its rich texture and natural sheen. The Silk Mark certification ensures the authenticity and purity of Tussar silk products, guaranteeing their quality and origin. Tussar silk sarees and fabrics are highly valued for their luxurious feel and are often worn for special occasions and festivities.


Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Be the first to write a review


1. What is Tussar Silk?
Tussar Silk, also known as Kosa Silk, is a type of silk produced from silk worms belonging to the Tussar species. It is valued for its rich texture, natural golden sheen, and durability.

2. What does "Silkmark Certified" mean?
Silkmark certification ensures that the saree is made from genuine silk and meets quality standards set by the Silk Mark Organization of India (SMOI), guaranteeing authenticity and purity.

3. How is the handpainting done on this saree?
The handpainting on this saree is done using traditional techniques, where skilled artisans paint intricate designs and motifs directly onto the fabric using natural dyes and pigments.

4. How should I care for my Handpainted Tussar Silk Saree?
To preserve the beauty and quality of the handpainted artwork, it's recommended to dry clean the saree. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight and store it carefully to prevent damage.

5. Can I customize the blouse with this saree?
Yes, this saree comes with an unstitched blouse piece. You can have the blouse tailored to your measurements and preferences for a perfect fit.

6. Is the handpainting on this saree durable?
The handpainting on Tussar Silk sarees is durable with proper care. Avoid rough handling and store the saree properly to maintain its vibrant colors and intricate designs over time.

7. What are your shipping details?
Shipping is free allover India. So what you see is what you have to pay.
For shipping outside India, Shipping charges on actuals. Please connect with is to know more.

8. Are there any Payment charges and Taxes?
There are no payment charges. All taxes are included in price.


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