Who We Are

IndieHaat was started with a vision and direction to surface the beautiful hidden treasures of the magnificent world of handmade products.

With IndieHaat the artisans & creators can surface their work, display, sell online on a platform of such niche exclusive items from every corner of India. We are not a marketplace. All our products and artisans go through a selection process to be listed on our website.

We offer a plethora of products to choose from

  • Flaunt your style with handcrafted Clothing, Jewelry, Bags and Accessories.
  • Pamper your skin gently with the herbal handmade products.
  • Redesign or decorate your homes with the diverse handmade products to choose from or
  • Gift your dear ones a customized handmade piece.

The buyer can get an ultimate bouquet of unique handmade items created by some highly passionate handcraft artists.

Artisans on IndieHaat work on various raw materials like ceramic, wood, paper, wrought iron, glass, cork which are not only a visual treat but at the same time a pure reflection of the passion of the artist which has made him / her ideate and create such beautiful piece of art. Take pride in owning a handmade product that showcases the skills of local artisans.

IndieHaat.com is your exclusive online destination for all things which is Handmade


A handcrafted piece from the Master Artisan’s atelier. A piece of worth and value. A tangible expression that was once an imagination, an extension of a dream, a thought brewing in the mind of a virtuoso. While revealing the magic that can be conceived with hands, it will also connect you with the emotions that went into making it. What you will hold, what you will own, would be a story – a tale of dedication and dexterity. We present to you a platform of larger latitude to realize your vision of owning an exquisite piece of handicraft and handloom that are also reflective of the culture and rich heritage of our country.We bring to you The Finest from The Best


Contentment! Delivering what we promise gives us a great sense of satisfaction as we believe that aesthetics cannot exist independently of ethics. With every product you buy, it gives us the hope that we will realize our dream – Of giving Craft its rightful place. Of making IndieHaat a household name.