1451-Multicolor Handcrafted Leather Krishna Painting Artist: State Awardee Raghavendra Size: 1 Feet, 2 Feet, 5 Feet (Lifesize)



Material: Leather
Work: Kalamkari Hand painted perforation
Measurement Options: Height 2 Feet, 1 Feet, 5 Feet (Lifesize)

This unique leather puppetry has been handcrafted by State Award winning artist- Raghavendra and may have slight irregularities in color. Some amount of wear and tear is unavoidable during the process of crafting the product and attests to the product’s authenticity.

The Art of Leather Puppetry is an ancient folk art of Andhra Pradesh, India. The process of this art is done traditionally using naturally available material, natural dye colors as well as iron frames. This professional art is being made by artists using traditional tools with skilled workmanship, by designing the pictures and designs on leather and then dying with beautiful colors. The carving, holing and crafting as well as designing on leather give looks like living things. Will take 3-4 days to dispatch.


Material: Leather
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